Yazaki. Inspiring vision built on strong tradition

The History of Yazaki.

From a one-man business to a world-class company

Doing the right thing right away with the focus on thought-through and high-quality solutions.
This is how we keep it with our customer support and our company alike.

The beginnings of Yazaki can be traced back to the 1920s in Japan. In 1929, Sadami Yazaki began selling wiring harnesses for automobiles. What once started as a one-man-business, developed over the years with the foundation of “Yazaki Corporation” in 1941 into a globally operating automotive supplier.

Today, Yazaki is a market leader in the area of automotive wiring harness systems and supplies all major OEMs with innovative solutions. The company is still family-owned and its headquarters are located in Susono at the foot of Mount Fuji.

More than 290 000 committed and highly motivated employees working at 487 locations in 45 countries contribute to Yazaki’s global success.

Yazaki System was fully integrated into Yazaki in 2013.

Production and design are part of a whole.

Optimum production for optimum products

Cutting-edge production concepts (single or multi-stage) offer our customers maximum flexibility      and delivery reliability right through to the production of large, customized wire harnesses with batch size 1.

Optimizing added value is our top priority here too, whether in single or multi-stage production. We offer individual products, top quality and the use of modern, innovative technologies where they best serve the product and our customer.


  • Top quality and maximum added value achieved by means of tailored production concepts
  • Short control loops and continuous improvement of product and production
  • Batch size 1 manufacturing under mass production conditions as a core competence
  • Efficient, flexible production and innovative technologies
  • Production requirements as a design criterion
  • High flexibility over the complete production period

We have only one strategy – zero defects. Modern quality management ensures first class performance

Our aim is to maximize customer satisfaction. First class performances alone are not enough – “zero defects” can only be achieved by means of advanced planning and the consistent implementation of all the necessary measures.

From the very outset, quality is a key factor for us. One hundred percent implementation of customer requirements and the continuous improvement of our products and processes are part of our everyday routine, both in development and production – underpinned by our many years of experience in project management.

Our quality guidelines include the following:

  • Quality management with central access to quality data
  • GQRS (Global Quality Reporting System) for customers and quality resident complaints
  • Development and quality residents directly on-site at customer facilities
  • Regular monitoring of all our processes for continuous improvement
  • Certification according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO / IEC 27001:2013

We know only one strategy –
Zero mistakes.

Logical Logistics
Our objective – your advantage: Keeping deadlines

We view logistics as an integral part of our quality requirements. Only products that are in the right place at the right time are of use to our customers. Which is why we strive to never miss a deadline. Our proven strategy is flexibility. We believe it’s just common sense: the more flexible we are, the faster we are. According to requirements we deliver “just in time” or “just in sequence”.

We support customer-oriented distribution and production processes with maximum flexibility in the value chain right through to logistics.

  • Minimum inventory – short cycle times
  • No intermediate storage
  • Our logistics sequences are always geared to the requirements of our customers
  • Where necessary, we are always ready to adopt a different approach to meet customer requirements

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