Cable made transparent.

Our versatile all-rounder –
making the harness transparent with epds PRO.

epds PRO is a unique solution

which is consequently expanded to meet new requirements and offered to customers either as a service or as part of consultancy work, as the situation demands.

epds PRO is a tool we have developed in-house for the efficient and precise modeling of the wire harness.

It allows early analysis and evaluation of the functionality and architecture of vehicle electrics/ electronic distribution systems. This enables comparisons between competing solution strategies in the overall electrical/electronic distribution systems and avoids the need for costly modifications further down the line.

As a proprietary tool, epds PRO exactly matches the requirements of experienced EDS developers and offers them an efficient tool during all project phases. epds PRO covers all aspects of research/advance development through to design optimization.

It allows our customers to make competing technical strategies transparent at an early stage.
Yazaki Systems is thus a key contributor towards the early and sustainable optimization of EEDS architectures.

eepds PRO is a unique solution which is consequently expanded to meet new requirements and offered to customers either as a service or as part of consultancy work, as the situation demands.

Overall optimization with epds PRO

System engineering and system integration –
an alliance that maximizes customer benefit.

Our solutions offer an optimized combination of functions, control devices, energy distribution and data communication, together with the customized design of the vehicle electrical distribution system and its components. System engineering develops the optimum solution in close cooperation with the customer. We are able to do this early on in the decision phase with the aid of joint teamwork and by means of epds PRO, trials and demonstration prototypes.


System engineering works out strategies from the concept phase to the decision stage, incorporating any relevant innovation, such as in the production technology sector. System engineering harmonizes activities between the various sectors with the clear aim of driving the success of joint development results.

System integration supports the testing and validation of the developed solutions.

Manufacturing engineering –
continuous adaptation enables constant optimization of our products.

Product design and production technology are interdependent. Product design must meet the requirements of production technology as far as possible, and this is achieved through Design for Manufacturing (DFM).

Our consistent DFM program means that our developers have to harmonize product design with the requirements of production technology.

Optimization of product design and production technology therefore go hand in hand, with particular focus on production sites, market demands and innovations, all of which have a positive impact on quality and costs.

We are constantly monitoring and analyzing the market for new, cost-effective production technolo- gies that will enable innovative solutions.

In particular, our expertise in electrics/electronics during the initial development phase of automotive electrical distribution systems, coupled with many years of experience and know-how in production, allows us to implement innovative concepts and solution strategies.

The ever-growing demand for energy, for example, calls for new and flexible solutions in the new market segment of electrically powered vehicles. We believe that adaptive distribution boxes will allow our customers to match the requirements of new markets and ensure maximum flexibility

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