Smart Solutions for complex Systems

Electrical Distribution Systems

Yazaki delivers complete EDS solutions, using leading-edge technologies for wiring harnesses & components, such as wires, junction boxes, fusing, connectors, etc. As the founder of the modern EDS, we are the global market leader with the highest customer satisfaction, supplying products with excellent reliability and performance:

■ Wiring Harnesses
■ Wires
■ Subsystems
■ Power Distribution
■ Design
■ EDS Components


Yazaki connectors meet the customers’ requirements, suitable for vehicle of nearly every specification. The connectors improve the overall system integrity, while supporting a full range of flexible connection systems. Explore the full range of connectors – optimised for weight, size and performance, with advantages that include enhanced reliability, built-in scalability and reduced development cycles at a competitive price:

■ Terminals & Connectors
■ Data Connectivity
■ Wire
■ Header/Sensor Housings
■ High Voltage
■ Custom Solutions

Electronics and Instrumentation

Yazaki is your partner for Human Machine Interface solutions and your system support supplier for Intelligent Electronics and Power & Signal Distribution. Yazaki provides consistent quality of service and expertise with local engineering teams, utilising support of global engineering capabilities:

■ Instrument cluster
■ Head-up display (HUD)
■ Power distribution boxes – smart junction boxes
■ Battery fuse terminals
■ Body electronics
■ Start-stop system solutions
■ 48V 12V DC-DC converter
■ Combi-switches

High Voltage

One part of Yazaki’s fundamental Management Policy is to ”contribute to a prosperous future society through business focused on the environment and security”. As it has been a component producer as well as an EDS supplier for mass production for more than ten years, Yazaki has committed itself to support future developments in the fields of high voltage and high power:

■ Connection systems
■ Battery bus bar modules
■ Service plugs
■ Power distribution centres

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